Use of dried ginger:

Here are some useful remedies using dried ginger powder. As everyones knows ginger has got many medicinal and herbal properties. In earlier days, ginger was the main ingredient for all medicinal uses. They are dried in sun and then made them to fine powder. It has got good healing properties. Listed here are some of the useful remedies.

Grind the dry ginger to a fine powder. Apply it on the forehead to get relief from
headache. It can also be applied for the joint pains.

Toungue infection and mouth ulcer:
 Mix the dried ginger powder with coconut milk and drink it slowly. This will
heal the infection and ulcer.

Cough and throat infection: Mix dried ginger powder with black pepper and honey.  Strain and drink it to get

relief from cough and throat infection.

Stomach pain:

Mix dried ginger powder with honey and drink it which reduces stomach pain.

For dizziness:

You need:

Fennel seeds        -20gm corainder seeds     – 10gm

Dried ginger powder – 5gm

Grind all the above ingredients to fine powder and then add it to 500 milli litre water. Allow it to boil and when water comes around 250 milli litre mix with jaggery powder and have it. This will reduce the dizziness.