Remedies for head lice

Posted by lothi on May 9, 2010 in Beauty | 0 comments

Head lice is one of the common problem in girls and women. Head lice transfers from one head to another’s head very easily. Its better to keep hair short if its difficult to manage lengthy hairs. Keeping clean and washing head regularly keeps away from lice. Some of the remedies are:

  • Neem leaves juice is one of the best remedey for killing lice in head. Apply neem leaves juice on head and let it dry for half an hour, and then wash with shampoo. This kills the lice in head. This can be done twice in a month.
  • Lemon juice is also very effective in killing head lice. Apply lemon juice on head and wash after 30 minutes. This gets ridd from lice. Repeat twice a week.
  • One of the best remedy for killing lice is to mix camphor extract with coconut or olive oil and apply it on head. Let it remain on head for15 minutes. Then wash hair with shampoo.
  • Do not share others comb, hat or other acessories related with head.