Natural Remedies At Home

02 Sep

There are a number of home remedies and natural products marketed to prevent the formation of scars and to minimize the appearance of old scars. Here are some simple and home made natural remedies for scars and pigmentation.

The best home remedy for scars and pigmentation is to apply olive oil on the affected area for […]

20 Aug

The most important aspect of sunburn care is to avoid exposure to the sun while healing and to take precautions to prevent future burns. Take frequent cool showers or baths. Here are some natural and simple home remedies for sunburn. Remedy for sunburn using Cucumber :

Blend 1 whole cucumber and store in refrigerator  and use […]

29 Jul

Healthy, neat and clean finger nails show that a person takes pride in their physical appearance, so extra care should be given to maintain them. Brittle nails are very common problem for many of them. Some would like to have short nails and some would like to have long nails. Whatever it may be, healthy […]

22 Jul

Honey provides an important part of the energy needed by the body for blood formation. Honey helps to maintain healthy hair and skin and is a great ingredient for home made medicines and cosmetics. It is an important ingredient in cosmetic lotions, balms, creams, and face masks. It has many healing properties. Regular intake of […]

14 Jul

Proper attention should be given to the hands as you give for your face because they play an important role in communication. Most people don’t take the time to care for their hands properly. It is very important that you take special care of your hand as the skin is very thin and delicate. Beautiful, well […]

01 Jul

Here you will find some remedies for dry skin. Dry skin needs to be gently cleansed and regularly stimulated with massage. Dry skin occurs due to lack of moisture. It can also be due to poor diet. Fresh fruit face pack can be used on dry skin. Splash cold water onto your face to clean […]

26 Jun

Bad breath is a common problem for everyone.  Consumption of various foods and drinks like onions, garlic, cheese etc causes bad breath. Smoking and eating tobacco are also the major causes of bad breath. It may be due to a number of reasons like gum disease, tooth decay, bacteria in mouth. So here are some simple […]

12 Jun

Garlic has good medicinal properties and is more efficient when it is eaten raw. It is also useful in controlling high cholesterol levels. As raw garlic is very strong, eating too much could produce irritation to the digestive tract. So don’t eat too much of it.

09 Jun

Neem tree is known as “Divine Tree”. Neem is known to be one of the most powerful blood purifiers. It cleanses and enhances circulation. It is useful in healing skin disorders. Taking bath with neem leaves water is very common in Indian homes that helps our body to get rid of mild infections. It is […]

03 Jun

Previously, we saw dandruff treatment using lemon. Here are some other natural methods. The neem tree is well known for shade and also for its ayurvedic medicinal properties. They are used in hair treatments. Neem leaf extract stimulates circulation to the scalp, promotes hair growth and thereby reducing the irritation of scalp. Rinsing with neem […]