Natural Remedies At Home

29 Jul

Healthy, neat and clean finger nails show that a person takes pride in their physical appearance, so extra care should be given to maintain them. Brittle nails are very common problem for many of them. Some would like to have short nails and some would like to have long nails. Whatever it may be, healthy nails are the best sign for beautiful and strong nails.

  • Regularly massage your fingertips to improve blood circulation around your nails.
  • While using moisturizer for your hands apply a small amount of it to your nails too with a gentle massage.
  • Use gloves while washing dishes because when your nails is exposed to water the more they become brittle and weak causing in chipping of nails.
  • Clean your toe nails and hand nails regularly.

Remedy for strong nail:

Grind 2 or 3 garlic cloves to a thick paste and apply it to the nails. And leave on for 10 minutes until it gets dried. Do this twice a week. This makes your nails strong and also helps in growing.

Apply almond oil and massage gently.

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1.What was I doing ten years ago?
I was doing my higher secondary and preparing for my public exams!

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Thinking of making hot samosa for evening snack.

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I am not addicted but i like to eat spicy foods, shopping, travelling, and blogging of course.

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Hmmm….. wish that happens! i would like to donate for orphanage children. Visit most of the places with my family. And a ferrari car for my Hubby!

5. Places i have lived: Delhi, Michigan, Coimbatore, Chennai, Bombay.

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