Natural Remedies At Home

16 Jun

By lothi on Jun 16, 2008 in Beauty

If you want beautiful, supple, soft skin that makes you look younger, there are many simple ways. Following these few simple steps will help keep your skin looking beautiful and healthier. However the most important thing for a glowing and a fresh look and skin is regular exercise and a balanced diet.

  • Get plenty of sleep. Lack of sleep can make your face dull and tired. Dark circles around the eyes shows that you didn’t have enough sleep.
  • Cleanse your face daily using a mild, natural cleanser.
  • Adding a little saffron to a spoonful of fresh milk and applying on the lips will cure their darkness and make them softer.
  • Drink 7 to 8 eight glasses of water daily to hydrate your skin.
  • Intake fresh fruits and vegetables regularly.
  • Wash your face with cold water.
  • Apply cucumber face pack once in a week.
  • Before going to bed apply few drops of rose water on your face. It keeps your skin fresh.