Natural Remedies At Home

26 Jun

Bad breath is a common problem for everyone.  Consumption of various foods and drinks like onions, garlic, cheese etc causes bad breath. Smoking and eating tobacco are also the major causes of bad breath. It may be due to a number of reasons like gum disease, tooth decay, bacteria in mouth. So here are some simple home remedies for bad breath.The best home remedy is- brush your teeth properly, clean your tongue every time you brush your teeth and keep drinking water throughout the day. Brusing twice a day is really a good habit. Here are some simple home remedies for bad breath.

  • After brushing clean your tongue using tongue scraper.
  • Replace your toothbrush regularly.
  • Drink 7 to 8 glasses of water daily.
  • After having finished your meal rinse your mouth 1 or 2 times thoroughly.
  • After your meal you can have citrus fruits like lemons, oranges etc which are good for bad breath.
  • Chewing some fresh herbs like parsley, coriander, mint leaves etc which are excellent for bad breath remedies.
  • Chewing cloves or cardamon is a good remedy for bad breath.
  • Gargling with warm water mixed with ginger Juice and lemon Juice is another remedy. This can be done once in a week.
  • Drink green tea regularly to get rid of bad breath.
  • Chewing mint leaves will freshen up the breath.
  • Squeeze a lemon in a glass of water and gargle frequently which helps out in getting rid of bad breath.
  • Drinking pineapple juice is also good remedy for bad breath.
  • Eat apples daily which is also good for mouth purification thereby reducing the bad breath.

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