Natural Remedies At Home

29 Apr

By lothi on Apr 29, 2009 in Health

Here are some useful remedies using dried ginger powder. As everyones knows ginger has got many medicinal and herbal properties. In earlier days, ginger was the main ingredient for all medicinal uses. They are dried in sun and then made them to fine powder. It has got good healing properties. Listed here are some of the useful remedies.

Grind the dry ginger to a fine powder. Apply it on the forehead to get relief from
headache. It can also be applied for the joint pains.

Toungue infection and mouth ulcer:
 Mix the dried ginger powder with coconut milk and drink it slowly. This will
heal the infection and ulcer.

Cough and throat infection: Mix dried ginger powder with black pepper and honey.  Strain and drink it to get

relief from cough and throat infection.

Stomach pain:

Mix dried ginger powder with honey and drink it which reduces stomach pain.

For dizziness:

You need:

Fennel seeds        -20gm corainder seeds     – 10gm

Dried ginger powder – 5gm

Grind all the above ingredients to fine powder and then add it to 500 milli litre water. Allow it to boil and when water comes around 250 milli litre mix with jaggery powder and have it. This will reduce the dizziness.

15 Mar

By lothi on Mar 15, 2009 in Nutritious food recipe, Recipes

Carrot has got many nutritional properties which is rich in vitamin A. Consumption of carrots increases the level of key antioxidants in the bloodstream. Carrots may be utilized in the diet in many ways. Carrot  revitalize the blood in body and also helps to maintain good eyesight. Carrot can be eaten raw which is really good for health. Those who hate to eat raw can prepare as carrot kheer and have it.
Here is a simple recipe for this:

You need:

Carrot  – 5 Milk    – 2 glasses Cashews, Cardamon.



Peel and slice the carrots into small pieces and then steam it. When it is cold grind it with little sugar to a liquid state. Then again boil it for 4 to 5 minutes and then add 2 glasses of boiled milk to it. Stir well, continuously. When it is done roast the cashews and cardamon in ghee and add it to the kheer. Now its ready to serve.

22 Feb

By lothi on Feb 22, 2009 in Beauty

Split ends:

1. Split ends are mainly seen in dry hair.

2. To avoid split ends don’t comb your hair when its wet. Combing hair in wet may damage your hair and cause split ends.

3. Its better to trim your hair regularly to avoid split ends.

4. Drink lots of water as water is a good therapy for many problems.

5. Apply almond oil once in a week.

6. Before using any kind of heating products use heat resistant spray which protects your hair from damaging.

7. Take medium sized papaya and mash it well to a thick paste after taking all the seeds. Mix the paste with 1 cup of curd and then apply to the hair strands and hair ends. Leave it on for 30 minutes. Rinse hair thoroughly with warm water.

8. Dry the fenugreek seeds and grind it to fine powder. Mix with curd and little water then apply to the hair. Wash it after 1 hour. This can be done once in a month.

9. Wash hair with cold water and rub scalp with fingers gently.

10. One of the best remedy for split ends is coconut milk. Take coconut milk and apply all over the scalp, hair ends and give a gentle massage to the roots. Leave it for half an hour and then wash with water.

11. Take 1 whole banana, mash it well and then apply it on head. Wash it after 45 minutes. Repeat it once every month.

12. Avoid tying your hair tightly with a plain rubber band, use covered rubber band to prevent damage to your hair.

05 Feb

By lothi on Feb 5, 2009 in Health

Here are some simple home remedy for heartburn.  The below given remedies reduces the burning sensation in the chest.

1. Eat one full banana to reduce the heartburn.

2. Drinking one full glass of water reduces heart burn.

3. Cold milk, ice cream are also one of the good remedy for heart burn.

31 Jan

By lothi on Jan 31, 2009 in Health

Hey everybody, sorry about my inability to update my blog! I will be updating my blog regularly from hereafter.

Here are 5 simple tips to keep in mind for healthy lifestyle:

1.  Eat thrice a day with some healthy snacks in between.

2.  Daily drink 8 glasses of water.

3.  Daily exercise for one hour.

4.  Fast for atleast once in 2 weeks.

5.  Meditate and pray everyday.

18 Nov

By lothi on Nov 18, 2008 in Health

Steam inhalation is one of the common and oldest way to cure cough and cold. It is also good way to clear sinuses. For this you will need a few drops of eucalyptus oil and a vessel with hot water.

Inhalation procedure:

Take boiling hot water in a vessel and add 5 to 6 drops of eucalytus oil to it. You can add more drops if you want it more intense. Stir well so that it mixes well with water. Inhale the eucalytus vapors coming from the hot water by covering a blanket over your head. Replace with hot boiling water when it becomes warm and repeat it for 3 to 4 times. It is a great remedy for blocked nose, bad cold and/or cough. Repeat this procedure every night before going to bed until you feel better. You can also apply some eucalyptus oil on your forehead, neck and chest area to get a good night’s sleep.

11 Nov

By lothi on Nov 11, 2008 in Health

Curry leaf has many herbal medicinal properties and its a most prominently used herb in south indian cooking. Using curry leaves with food strengthens the functions of stomach and promotes its action. It is good for indigestion problem. It also helps to control Diarrhea, and upset stomach problems.  It also helps prevent premature hair greying.

  • Mix lime juice, honey or sugar crystals to the juice of curry leaf and drink it. This prevents nausea and dry vomiting.
  • For Hair: Heat oil and add some curry leaves. When the curry leaves turns dark black remove the oil from heat and let it cool down. Store in a glass container. Apply this oil on your head and leave it overnight. This helps prevent premature aging of grey hair and also nourishes the hair roots. This oil also acts as a very good stimulant and helps in hair growth.
  • Mix curry leaf with finely chopped ginger. Mix it with rice and take it early  in the morning instead of water which will reduce dizziness, stomach disorders and constipation.
  • Grind Curry leaf, black pepper corns, dried ginger, little cumin seeds and salt to a fine powder . Mix it with rice, make two small balls and eat it.

20 Oct

By lothi on Oct 20, 2008 in Beauty

Cracked heels are due to lack of moisturizing and is also the major problem with everyone especially with women. They can be due to several factors like walking bare foot, dry skin and etc. So special care should be given to our feet as we give for our face. In my older post, i would have already said about homemade pedicure and manicure procedure.  Once pedicure  has been done follow the below handy tips for beautiful, supple and soft feet. Cracked heels can be avoided by following these simple home remedies.

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13 Oct

By lothi on Oct 13, 2008 in Beauty, Health

Chapped lips occur when our skin loses its moisture or hydrating skin texture. Chapped lips occurs due to exposure to dry as well as cold weather and it becomes very painful.  Keep your body dehydrated by drinking plenty of water. Here are some natural remedies that have proven to provide relief for chapped lips.

  • Apply Castor oil & honey on your lips twice a day.
  • Drink fresh juices and lots of water.
  • Applying olive oil on the affected areas helps to get rid of dry chapped lips.
  • Apply Ghee or Butter which helps healing faster as well as it makes your lips smooth.
  • Rubbing with cucumber slice also gets rid of chapped lips.
  • Apply Aloe Vera gel on your lips and leave it overnight.

30 Sep

By lothi on Sep 30, 2008 in Health, Recipes

Whenever I get a cold or fever the first thing that comes to my grandma’s mind is Kashayam. Its a age old recipe and a easy and best home remedy to get relief from cold or fever. This is a very simple recipe and is very effective in cold weather.

Ingredients: Dried Ginger 1 inch piece Whole peppercorns 1 tbsp Coriander seed 1tsp Jaggery or sugar 1 tbsp

Water 1 1/2 cup


Crush the dried ginger, coriander seeds and pepper corns to fine powder. Heat water and when it comes to a boil add the jaggery and then after 2 min add the powdered spices. Let it boil for about 6 to 7 minutes. Strain the residue and allow it cool for a little bit. Drink it warm for best results.

It provides great relief from cold, cough and fever.