Natural Remedies At Home

24 Apr

Headache is a pain or discomfort in the head and scalp. Headache is mainly due to over stress, tension, eye strain, low sugar level, depression.

Home remedy and Food intake:

Take fresh fruits regularly, green vegetables, fish and lamb.

Headache may be relieved by resting with your eyes closed and head supported. And also while taking a nap for few minutes you may also use eye pad or eye pillow.

Massage therapy can be followed with both hands on the forehead. Massage gently for few minutes.

Keep a hot water bag to the back of the upper neck which can be effective in relieving tension headaches.

Severe headache:

You need:

1 cup of water, coffee powder.

Method : Boil water in a vessel. Remove it from flame and add 2 spoons of coffee powder mix well and inhale the steam. This will get you relief from headache.

You need:

a cup of coffee, lemon juice

Method : Prepare coffee with small amount of milk.Then, to a cup of coffee squeeze the lemon juice and take it at night time. This will also get relief from headache.

Drink warm water which may reduce your headache.

For pain only in one part of headache:

You need:

Ginger juice, refined oil.

Method: To ginger juice add equal amount of refined oil. Heat the mixture and bring it to boil. let it cool and apply it as hair oil and wash it after few hours.

Sitting in front of a computer or typing for a long time may also lead to stress and headache which can be relieved by stretching your neck and upper body.

Good habits like meditation, yoga and exercise will reduce your stress and tension.

Acupressure massage therapy can be very helpful but you need a trained acupressure therapist for correct procedures to do at home. Its a good healing process.