Natural Remedies At Home

07 Apr

Here we are going to see how to take care of oily, dry and split ends hair.

Oily hair:

1. Its good to have naturally oily hair but at the same time excess oily hair leads to dandruff & scalp infection. 2. For natural oily hair, the oil comes out the next day itself after shampooing your hair, so its better to shampoo often which cleans your scalp and reduces dandruff.

3. Brush or comb your hair for several times but avoid over brushing your hair.Over brushing your hair stimulates the scalp and in turn increases the problem of oiliness.

Dry hair:

1. For dry hair oil your hair regularly and then shampoo it. 2. Shampoo with rich protein will nourish your hair and makes it soft. 3. After shampooing don’t forget to use conditioner which keeps your hair healthier. Conditioner is good for all types of hair. 4. In cold weather extra care should be taken, which makes the dry hair more worst. So its better to use humidifier which protects not only your hair but also your skin.

5. Apply castor or olive oil once a week. Before using the oil warm it. For better result apply it overnight and shampoo it next morning.

Split ends:

1. Split ends are mainly seen in dry hair. 2. To avoid split ends don’t comb your hair when its wet. Combing hair in wet may damage your hair and cause split ends. 3. Its better to trim your hair regularly to avoid split ends. 4. Drink lots of water as water is a good therapy for many problems. 5. Apply almond oil once in a week.

6. Before using any kind of heating products use heat resistant spray which protects your hair from damaging.

Shampooing tips:

1. Before shampooing untie your hair and brush hair until its free of any tangles. 2. Don’t apply shampoo directly on your head, dilute it water and then use it. 3. Changing shampoo is good but not very often. 4. If your shampoo is over don’t ever try to use soap or detergent which may affect your natural pH balance and also damaging your hair.

5. Always its better to wash in cold water rather than hot water.