Natural homemade hair oil

You need:

Coconut oil 1 full bottle, equal proportionate of mehndi leaves and curry leaves, fenugreek seeds[2 tsp soaked overnight].

Method 1:

Heat the coconut oil. Grind the mehndi leaves, fenugreek seeds, and the curry leaf. When the oil is warm add the grounded mixture. Then transfer it into storage glass jar and use it as your regular oil.

For lice treatment:

You need:

Hibiscus flower, mehndi, curry leaves, poppy seeds[soaked in water], neem leaves, fenugreek seeds[soaked in water overnight], sesame oil, coconut oil.

Method 2:[ For lice treatment]

Let all this ingredients dry in room temperature for at least 2 days. Soak the fenugreek seeds overnight. Then grind all this[hibiscus, mehndi, curry leaf, neem leaves, poppy seeds] ingredient and make it into small balls. Add this small balls to the coconut oil so that it gets soaked well in the oil and use it as it is. No need to strain the oil. Then add half cup of sesame oil to it. This oil can also be used as regular oil. Neem leaves gets rid from lice. Hibiscus and poppy seeds makes your hair healthier, softer and shinier.