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Taking care of hair in the cold weather is a tough task. Its very difficult to control the frizzy hair in the cold weather as it losses its texture, shiny hair. Healthy shiny hair enhances the beauty of a person. Here are some few tips  to maintain  the shiny hair. Wash hair in a slight warm water and then finally rinse hair in cold water. It gives shine to hair. Hot oil treatments is one of the best treatment for getting shiny hair….

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Sore throat is a commom problem in this cold weather. For such common problems home treatment is the best for most of the time. Gargle  4 0r 5 times a days with warm water and salt. Take lots of fluid intake to avoid dehydration. Take warm water , tea or soup which helps to soothe the throat. Use a vaporizer or humidifier to moisten and soothe a dry and painful…

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Stretch marks are consequence of rapid stretching of skin and also due to sudden weight gain and weight loss. Stretch mark can be due to growth spurt in teens, obesity and after pregnancy. They are visible in belly, thighs and around arms.  Below are some remedies for strech marks. Rubbing olive oil and lavender oil on the area helps to reduce the stretch marks. Adequate intake of vitamin A, C, E and Zinc provides nutrition to the…

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Sunburn is very common in summer escpecially in hot weather conditions. Sunburn is caused due to direct exposure to UV rays. Symptoms of sunburn are blistering of skin, cold and nausea. The  affected area looks very tender with red patches. For some skin may also start to peel. Here are some useful home remedies. To the affected area apply a paste of yogurt and turmeric. This can be applied daily. Aloe gel is believed to have…

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