Benefits from pudina leaves

Pudina leaves is also known as mint leaves. It has got both medicinal properties as well as cosmetic properties. Pudina leaves is well known for its pleasant aroma andis  mainly used in cooking,

 for garnishing foods. Its one of the handy herb to have in kitchen. In India, pudina leaves are used in vegetarian dish as well as in non-vegetarian dish. It adds flavour and aroma to the dish.

 Here are some useful tips using pudina leaves:

For Indigestion:

Mint leaves juice mixed with a tspn of lime juice and honey treats indigestion. They are largely used in medicine for stomach disorders.

Morning sickness:

Mix mint leaves juice with ginger juice and honey and have it twice a day.  This gets relief from morning sickness.

Mouth freshener:

It also acts as an excellent mouth freshner. Boil the mint leaves in water and allow it to cool for a while. Gargle  this water to get rid from bad breath.

Abdominal pain:

In a glass of milk add few mint leaves and bring it boil and drinking it after it gets warm. This gets relief from abdominal pain.

Mint leaves juice is applied to insect bite areas, so that it gets healed quickly.