2009 February | Natural Remedies At Home

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Split ends: 1. Split ends are mainly seen in dry hair. 2. To avoid split ends don’t comb your hair when its wet. Combing hair in wet may damage your hair and cause split ends. 3. Its better to trim your hair regularly to avoid split ends. 4. Drink lots of water as water is a good therapy for many problems. 5. Apply almond oil once in a week. 6. Before using any kind of heating products use heat resistant spray which protects your hair…

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Here are some simple home remedy for heartburn.  The below given remedies reduces the burning sensation in the chest. 1. Eat one full banana to reduce the heartburn. 2. Drinking one full glass of water reduces heart burn. 3. Cold milk, ice cream are also one of the good remedy for heart burn.

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